Behind the scenes at Manon Baptiste

Who’s the person responsible for Manon Baptiste’s beautiful collections? We meet Janina Kurrek, the label’s designer to chat about the new range, life at navabi HQ and her love of tattoos.

Editor: Anna Geradts

What’s your name and job title?
My name is Janina and I am the designer of Manon Baptiste.

When did you decide to become a designer?
Somehow, I always knew I would be a designer. My aunt is a fashion designer in Berlin and she’s always inspired me since I was small. I looked up to her (and still do) because she dresses in bold, bright colours and has such a zest for life. I wanted all women to look as beautiful as she is. That’s why I thought if I become a fashion designer I can dress all women to make them look and feel beautiful, just like her.

How does the design process work?
When I start to work on a new collection I travel a lot beforehand for inspiration. I also browse through my archive of magazines, keeping tears of what I like. From there I find which fabrics are available and create a moodboard to gather my ideas. I might start with a lovely jacquard fabric or a wonderful print and think of designs that would be a good match for it. In order to design a whole collection I then see which colours and fabrics I can add on these samples. And that is how a collection comes to life, step by step.

The design table: This is where the magic happens
Jacquard is Manon Baptiste’s signature fabric for autumn/winter 17/18

What was your inspiration for the AW 17/18 collection?
This winter it’s all about nostalgia. Elements of the past decades create a romantic, retro mood which is interpreted by feminine cuts that accentuate your curves. The colours are inspired by the Seventies: intense night sky blue, bold, dandy green, juicy mango and shades of rich burgundy. The fabrics are sumptuous and exquisite. My highlights are the ultra soft velvet, the luxurious jacquard and the fine wool fabrics.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
My favourite piece is definitely the blue floral jacquard suit. It combines strength and femininity. I absolutely love that combination.

Who is the Manon Baptiste customer?
The Manon Baptiste woman is someone who is happy, loves herself and her life. She likes to feel strong, feminine and beautiful in what she wears.

Our what we call ‘play hard’ area is a great place to brainstorm
Office dog Käthe loves a visit to the design studio

You’ve been at navabi for four years now. What has been a moment that sticks out for you?
That’s hard to say because there have been so many. Our summer party was great fun. I had to wear a sumo wrestler suit and wrestle a colleague. It was so hot that day it was virtually impossible to stand up in it which made it all the more funny for everyone watching.

You have lots of tattoos. Which one is your favourite?
I love tattoos. I have several desserts tattooed on my cleavage. One of them is a cheesecake. I got it because my mum makes the best cheesecake in the whole world.

The Manon Baptiste Lookbook Autumn/Winter 2017-18


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